The Advantages of Oral Spray

What if you can get the nutritional benefits from vitamins and minerals, without the need to swallow those super-sized pills? Well, I’m definitely all for it. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but even though I’ve been taking supplements for years, I still encounter instances wherein a huge and rough tablet feels stuck on my throat, even after chugging down a lot of water. It can be quite uncomfortable and traumatizing. 

If you’ve had a literal ‘hard pill to swallow’ experience, like me- then you will be excited with this convenient way of taking your supplements: vitamin oral sprays! 

Thank you, Science, for this innovation. Now, I can get my daily nutrients without the risk of choking.

Vitamin oral sprays are beneficial especially for kids and the elderly, who may have a hard time swallowing capsules and tablets. Research shows that I am not alone with my pill fatigue too- as much as 40% of people struggle with swallowing pills. 

But given that oral sprays are relatively new in the market, there are still many questions about them- are they as effective as the conventional forms of supplements? Let’s break them down below: 

Bioavailability / Absorption

The ability of the human body to absorb nutrients from supplements in whatever form has been a long-standing debate among medical practitioners and consumers. When it comes to oral sprays, the fine mist of the liquid goes directly to the very soft tissues of the tongue and inner cheeks, so absorption happens via the bloodstream, instead of the digestive system. 

By removing the process of digesting the pill itself (along with the binders, fillers and coating in them), absorption is 67% higher for vitamin oral sprays and the nutrients may be available for your body’s use within 30 seconds from administration. 

That is way more efficient than waiting for the pills to get digested and take effect after 30 minutes- and it takes even longer when the pill is coated!

Convenience / Ease of Use

Open your mouth and spray your vitamins directly into your tongue. How many seconds does it take? Less than 10 seconds! 

Vitamin oral sprays are easy to bring and administer wherever you are. Just put them into your bag and spray directly into your mouth when it’s time to take your supplements. No need to chase them down with water. 

Perfect for busy individuals (aren’t we all so busy now?). 

Synthetic versus Natural Ingredients

This actually depends on the brand. Some manufacturers add synthetic ingredients to vitamins and minerals to increase the potency. 

It’s a good rule of thumb that in choosing your supplements, no matter in what form, please check the ingredients and the label. Check if they are labelled as ‘natural’. 

Tablets and capsules usually contain fillers to make them easier to measure and form. These include: starch, calcium salts, and sugar like lactose. Whereas for liquid formulations, glycerol and purified water are the usual fillers. 


Do you know that your body’s energy is shared between your various body functions? The more that your energy is consumed by your digestive system, the less that is available for other organs to use. 

That is a reason why we are discouraged from overeating or eating around the clock. When we swallow pills, capsules or tablets, you need the help of your digestive system to break them down so your body can use the nutrients. This might not be the most efficient route, as some of the nutrients will tend to get lost along the way, lessening the benefits that you can get from the supplement. 

When you spray the vitamins and minerals directly into your mouth, they will get absorbed quickly via the bloodstream, which means that more of the nutrients will be available for your body’s use. 

Vitamin oral sprays are an innovation that can benefit many individuals- they are the efficient, convenient and painless way to get your vitamins and minerals. And the good news is, they are as effective (or might even be more so, as some studies suggest) as their more conventional counterparts.

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